We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.


The project “Bright Stripes” was launched in December 2018 for the event The Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski in Toruń. Galeria Rusz prepared the exhibition of works inspired by Ciechowski that were displayed on one of the city buses and on billboards.

Last year the artists’ works depicted black and white stripes juxtaposed with colourful stripes, thus contrasting the vision of a black and white rigid system with the vision of colourful, multidimensional and individual reality. This year the artists have concentrated only on bright stripes. The flag of Republika has black and white stripes. We can treat them as a metaphor of life and reality that has both dark and bright sides, says Rafał Góralski. And adds, It is our choice whether we focus on those bright or dark stripes.

Like all of us, in his life Grzegorz Ciechowski experienced both bright and dark stripes. If we focus only on our difficulties, failures and adversities, we will find it hard to be happy, enjoy our life and appreciate it. Ciechowski is an example that it is worth noticing bright sides of life and keep doing what we love, despite difficulties.

The artists’ works were displayed in Toruń, on one of the city buses and on billboards, as well as in Warsaw, on 3 billboards.

The works of artists from the Rusz Gallery were exhibited on billboards in the public space of Toruń and Warsaw in December 2018

The project was undertaken as part of “The Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski” and organised by the City of Toruń.

The project has been funded with support from the City of Toruń.

Brightness and darkness, There are black and white stripes in your mind. If you focus on the black ones, you will be filled with darkness. If you focus on white stripes, you will be filled with brightness, city bus, Toruń

Stripes, It is only when we paint white stripes that we can notice the safe passage to the other side, billboard, Toruń, Poland

Important, If you spend most of your time on shallow and unimportant things, then your life becomes shallow and unimportant / valuable and important things, then your life becomes valuable and important, billboard, Toruń, Poland

Brightness, Is it better to have brightness or darkness in your mind?, billboard, Warsaw, Poland


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