We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.


“Own Way”, mural – art event, part of the Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski in Toruń, Galeria Rusz 2017


Inner power, We have forgotten what great power dwells within us, that can help us overcome even the worst twists of fate, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Crowd, If you follow the crowd you are not wise, at best you are accepted by those who are also wrong, like yourself, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Flame, A small flame of hope, urging us to fight with life’s worst hardships, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG


Why to live, The world is full of people who have stopped listening to themselves. They only listen to others to find out what they should do, how to behave, and why to live, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Paradoxes, Reality is so paradoxical that we can already clap with just one hand, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Land, The land of eternal UNhappiness, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Poison, Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill our enemies, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Enough, It is enough to be: tipsy, lightheaded, drunk, loose, hammered, sloshed, tanked, blitzed, bombed, wrecked, well-done, trashed, jagged up, canned, intoxicated, inebriated, gassed, on the razzle, sloppy, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Aliens, And what if aliens are already here, pretending they are our fellow citizens, neighbours, loved ones, and even us, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Tunnel, We are too far away from the starting point to turn back. Yet not close enough to the road to see the light in the tunnel, Toruń, Poland (JG)


All inclusive, The journey in search of the beauty of truth and sense, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Common sense, Sick nation healthy common sense, sick common sense healthy nation, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Waiting, People often wait all their life to start living, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Undersell, Urgent: I will undersell my brain, I do not need it anymore, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Escape, None of us can run fast enough to escape our own inner experience, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Free, We were slaves, we are slaves, we will be slaves, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


The apple tree, Do not concentrate too much on the apples, or you will forget to water the apple tree, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Believe, God believes in himself, and you?, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Work on oneself, Soon the government will provide fair rates for those who work hard on themselves, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Do not live, Do not live and do not let others live, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Waiting, People often wait all their life to start living, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Faith, my faith, delusion, hallucinations, illusions, Warsaw, Poland, 2017(GR)


Beauty, Every kind under the sun, inner hell or inner beauty, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Inner peace, I already have everything that will give me joy and inner peace, but I do not know anything about it yet, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Stones, Since we are all without sins we can throw stones at each other, Warsaw, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Challenge, The biggest challenge for people is to let themselves be happy, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Coffin, Let’s raise the lid of the coffin and start a new life, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Linden, A large Polish linden, Poland, 2017 (GR)


Liberation / Which anniversary of liberating imagination, Warsaw 2016


Courage / Great courage, greater courage, much greater courage, very big courage, the biggest courage, to be oneself, billboard, Toruń


History / When we stop caring about what others think of us, we can create our own, authentic history, billboard, Toruń


Nationalism, My personal, ordinary, everyday nationalism / rationalism, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Life, I don’t know whether I suffer because I live or I live because I suffer, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Fantasy, Facts or fantasies about yourself, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Memory, Remember about the past, forget about the future, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Grandparents, I’m not responsible for my grandparents’, great-grandparents’, great-great-grandparents’ mistakes or perversions, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Full life, I have: a) full pockets and an empty life, b) empty pockets and a full life, c) empty pockets and an empty life, d) full pockets and a full life, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Hit, A long-awaited hit, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Every situation can be used to change the world for the better, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


A change, You change, the world changes, you don’t change, the world doesn’t change, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


At the ends of their lives, people regret most the thing they haven’t done, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


A chose, We can always go up or fall down. It’s up to us, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


The control, The only person we have a full control over is ourself, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


People who who want to live, Don’t ask what the world needs, rather what makes you want to live. Because the world needs those who want to live, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


I was born for heroic deeds: every day I water the flowers in my garden, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Pursue your goals, even over your dead body, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


The police officer, Your ruthless, irreconcilable and cruel inner police officer, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Happy, Nobody can make you happy or unhappy, you can do that yourself, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Relationships, Let’s laugh out loud because laughter strengthens relationships / Warsaw, Poland (GR)


A critic,The greatest critic we need to face is us, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


A miracle, Life is a miracle, so every living person should be canonised, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Superhuman, human, subhuman, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


A resolve, I immediately need: a dietician, personal coach and tour guide to show me round my inner hell, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Home, Our mutual beloved, happy and wonderful nut house, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


The final solution to all our life problems will come soon, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Land of dreams / We devote a lot of time and energy not to reach our land of dreams, billboard, Toruń 2015


Freedom / Those who do not allow themselves for freedom, will also take it away from others, billboard, Warsaw 2015


Perfection / What is really hard? To give up being perfect and begin the work of becoming yourself, billboars, Toruń 2015


Only if we have enough courage to know our own darkness, we can find the light inside ourselves, Toruń 2015


We are sometimes so afraid of the dark that we do not have enough courage to enjoy the light, Toruń 2015


A fire / When it’s dark and cold all around, light your inner fire, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Hard, It’s hard to die, but it’s even harder to live, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Sex, dirty or clean, washing hands before or after, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


A bone, Freedom – the bone of contention we choked on, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Clean, Clean Excellent Poland, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Heritage, Our heritage, once classical Latin, now kitchen Latin, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Swindlers, It is easier to see a swindler when looking around than when looking into one’s inner self, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


The most excellent swindlers swindle themselves, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


I, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Life, Is life a thick book or a cheap criminal, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Silence, Deathly, office silence fell in my spiritual life, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Today we are learning the words beginning with F: Feminism, Fanaticism, Fascism, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Rich, We don’t want to be free anymore, we want to be rich, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


A tree, A tree which is empty inside will eventually fall, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Enough, Some already have enough, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Plan, My 6-point plan for life: To fall in love. To get married. To have children. To work. To retire. To die, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Camps, Camps summer, winter, concentration, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


To exist, To exist, to be present, to experience first-hand, to see what is, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Without fear, Birds are chirping and looking for life without fear, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Right, Where is RIGHT? Democracy? Corporation?, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Suffering, Nothing good will come out of it, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Change, I don’t want to change anything. Familiar pain is a sign that I’m alive, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Exchange, From now on, women will be men and men will be women, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


All, Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Love of loves, all is love, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Password, What is a password to one’s inner-self? LOVE, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


Silence, God is silent because he is afraid of offending religious feelings, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


One sentence, Without God life has no meaning. Without God Life has no meaning. There is no God. Without God Life has no meaning, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Change, Don’t short change yourself, Toruń, Poland, (RG)


Heaven, Only by going through hell does one have any chance of reaching heaven, Toruń, Poland, (JG)


The sense of existence, BI… SH… FU… DA.. four key words revealing the sense of existencebillboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)




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