We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.

100 years

“100 years” is the project carried out by the artists from Galeria Rusz for the 100th anniversary of the return of Toruń to Free Poland. In their works the artists emphasised historical significance of incorporation of Toruń to Free Poland and promoted this important event as not many inhabitants of Toruń are aware that their city was returned to Poland as late as on 18 January 1920. The artists from Toruń also wanted to draw attention to the fact that the inhabitants of this city are largely making its history. Those who lived before us, us, and those who will come after us. Each one of us can have our individual and unique contribution to the development of our beautiful city and its identity.

The timeline is what matters to us – it contains a starting point, i.e. the date when Toruń again became a Polish city, and the point where we are today, says Rafał Góralski. Of course none of us remembers the beginning, what it was like, but we can imagine that. We can also recollect our own personal histories that make a collective story about our city. Then the story full of important meetings, emotions and excitement will emerge – and this personal dimension of history is what we mean. History is not only dry facts and official ceremonies. It has a personal dimension made up of these personal moments and events.
We, the inhabitants, are building the history of our city and common identity together. It is worth thinking about how it all started, about the beginning of this timeline that is rushing into the future, says Joanna Górska. History does not stop, it lasts. But each one of us, every single inhabitant of Toruń, adds his/her own personal story, e.g. by being born here, coming here to study and settling here. It is worth using this round anniversary to recollect our personal stories connected with Toruń and celebrate our mutual birthday!

The project has been co-funded by the Toruń Municipality

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