We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.


On 1 December 2017 we launched a project for the event The Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski. The artists traditionally prepared some works inspired by Ciechowski – billboards and an interactive mural combined with an artistic piece. This time, Joanna Górska and Rafał Góralski focused on the courage to search for and choose one’s own way.

Diverse colours vs black and white

Last year the works of the artists from the Rusz Gallery presented “liberated” colourful stripes to show that the contemporary world, apart from white and black, also has many other colours. This year the works depict black and white stripes juxtaposed with colourful stripes. “In our works we contrasted the vision of a black and white rigid system with the vision of colourful, multidimensional and individual reality”, says Rafał Góralski. And adds, “Artists try to go beyond the rigid framework, to see the surrounding world in the full spectrum of colours. They try to leave all existing patterns and find their own individual ways. This is very difficult, not only for artists but also for every single person.”

Inner strength

Ciechowski is an example of an artist always searching for his own way. His output was not always warmly welcomed. He often met with misunderstanding and a lack of appreciation. Despite that, however, he went his own way. His inner strength made him one of the most interesting artists of the Polish music scene, a musical symbol of the 80s and 90s. Despite the passing of time, he can still inspire us to be courageous to use our imagination, to create our own life and to go our own way. The artists from the Rusz Gallery also prepared an interactive mural – “One’s Own Way” – and invited people to co-create the mural. The event took place on 14 December, at 19:00, in front of the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre. The participants were encouraged to write their answers to the question: “What does going one’s own way mean to me?” Later, the mural was exhibited in front of the Jordanki CCC for all The Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski”.

The works of artists from the Rusz Gallery were exhibited on billboards in the public space of Toruń and Warsaw in December 2017

The project was undertaken as part of “The Days of Grzegorz Ciechowski” and organised by the City of Toruń.

The project has been funded with support from the City of Toruń.


Flame, A small flame of hope, urging us to fight with life’s worst hardships, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Crowd, If you follow the crowd you are not wise, at best you are accepted by those who are also wrong, like yourself, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Inner power, We have forgotten what great power dwells within us, that can help us overcome even the worst twists of fate, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)



“What does going one’s own way mean to me?” / artistic action with audience












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