We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.

Throw the rubbish

Throw the rubbish out the door, and it will come back through the window

“Throw the rubbish out the door, and it will come back through the window” is the campaign of Galeria Rusz that promotes pro-ecological attitudes and pays attention to the issue of littering our planet.

In their works the artists encouraged the inhabitants of Toruń to take a closer look at the waste they produce and start sorting it. They also wanted to pay attention to the fact that we are part of climate change and the natural environment, and these issues are our mutual problem and mutual concern. The pandemic has made us aware that it is impossible to isolate us from the ecosystem, and that we are part of it. We’ve realised that nature is essential to our lives, as it allows us to restore our mind, improve our mental health and enhance our immunity, which is of fundamental importance during the pandemic, says Joanna Górska. For this reason, our duty is to do our best to protect it, e.g. by reducing the generation of waste and sorting it.

The artists joined the World non-waste Day because they find it very important to take care of the environment. As artists we’re sensitive to what’s going on around us, and we feel everything extremely intensely. Over the last year, the pandemic has made us become more aware that we are creating more waste at home, Rafał Góralski comments on the project. After a single use, personal protective equipment becomes waste generated in households. We are also increasingly buying online, which means that we’re producing more packaging waste, we are ordering takeaways etc., and the wave of waste is growing. We won’t be able to dig ourselves out from under this mountain of waste soon.

In our works we would like to emphasise 4 basic elements, icons of our everyday life – a plastic bag, paper, food (leftovers that we throw away), and a plastic bottle, adds Joanna Górska. And to pay attention to the fact that if waste is disposed of inappropriately, it will always come back to us.

The works of the artists from Galeria Rusz were displayed in May 2021 on 2 billboards at Szosa Chełmińska and Wały gen. Sikorskiego, and on 4 citylights.

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