We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.


The fate, The Poles dealt this fate to the Poles, Jews, Germans; the Jews dealt this fate to the Jews, Poles, Germans; the Germans dealt this fate to the Germans, Poles, Jews, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Person, People of light, people of shadow, a person of light-shadow, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Light, Bringing light out of the darkness, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Garden, Everyone has the right to cultivate their inner secret garden, billboard, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Salt, We are the salt of this earth! Salt that has lost its taste, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Animal, Animalism in a person frightens even an animal, billboard, Toruń, Poland (GR)


What good fortune for governments that the people don’t think – Adolf Hitler, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Consumer, You are an ordinary consumer who in the first place consumes yourself, billboard, Toruń, Poland


Process, Today your process begins, the process of your spiritual change, billboard, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Bestseller, How to rise from the dead in 3 days? A bestseller that can be purchased at kiosks and petrol stations, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


The Executioner, Have mercy on yourself, do not be an your own executioner, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


The action, I have undertaken an active action – I’m worried, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


The hero, A hero is someone who gets other people killed, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


HFGB, Harmony, Freedom, Good, Beauty, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


15th anniversary of the Rusz Gallery, One’s own path begins with one’s own first step, billboard, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Suffering, I suffered from many misfortunes and most of them never happened, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Neither the day nor the hour, You don’t know the day or the hour even if you have the most expensive watch, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Power, Every power loves / corrupts us and absolute power corrupts / loves us absolutely, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (RG)


Founding myth, Lech, Czech and Rus, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (RG)


Architect, You can either hire an architect or create your inner self by yourself, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Nothing, They promised the moon and delivered nothing, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Lessons 2, We were taught to keep our thoughts to ourselves and our hand on the duvet, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Yes or no, Yes for the unborn and dead, no for the living, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Lessons, We were taught to be closed, not open. To whisper secretively and not to shout cheerfully. To always be in fear and not to be brave, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Life, Too busy to live, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Justice, Yes, there is justice in this world! Everyone will get their one bedroom flat, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


This day, Yesterday was too early, tomorrow will be too late, today is this day, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Chain, It’s as nice as that, the dog is drowning, the chain is swimming, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Pathology of normality, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Diseases, Wars, Despair, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Unison, The lamb lies next to the lion, death is birth, good connects with evil, top with bottom, darkness with brightness, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Miracle, The Miracle at the Vistula, we’ll pull our own hair to get out of this mess, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Messystem, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Grave, I’ll think about myself when I’m in grave, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Cakes of history, History is like sugar – too much of it goes to your head … Napoleon cake …Madeleine cake …Papal cream cake, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Mud, gold runs through some veins, mud runs through others, billboard, Toruń, Poland (GR)


Without Boundaries, Burn your passport, you don’t need it anymore because foolishness has no boundaries here, billboard, Warsaw, Poland (GR)


Eye, In a dark time, the eye begins to see, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Heaven, The one who has not found the Heaven down here, will not find it up there either, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


I’ll give a job, I’ll employ highly-educated, professional and qualified spiritual illiterates, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Commandment, Hate your neighbour as you hate yourself, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


For Toruń, I lost my head for Toruń, billboard, Toruń


Guys, Real guys are (not) morons, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


What good fortune for governments that the people don’t think – Adolf Hitler, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Awakening, Life is no longer a nightmare, I have woken up, billboard, Toruń, Poland (JG)


Dawn, The darkest hour comes just before the dawn, billboard, Toruń, Poland


Everyone, Everyone gets what they care about the most (least), billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Ruts, Jumping out of an old rut, billboard, Toruń, Poland (RG)


Body, Every thought becomes substance, billboard, Torń, (JG)


Styx, Even swimming in the Styx, you’re afraid of drowning, billboard, Toruń, (JG)


Septic tank, Instead of a spring, a septic tank erupts from the ground, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Here and now,There is nothing but here and now, billboard, Toruń, (JG)


Nightmare, What I want most is to turn my life into a nightmare, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Faith, Have more faith, for faith can move mountains, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Stone, I reached for my heart and I cut myself on a stone, billboard, Toruń, (JG)


Search, A search for misFORTUNE, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Diamond, Life is like a diamond – if you cut it right, you’ll get a priceless jewel, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Poison, Mum, dad, stop dripping poison into my ear, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Polish ground, Since he was born a Pole, to Poland he is bound until he bites the dust and lies in Polish ground, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


Thought patterns, Thought patterns burned into your head, billboard, Toruń, (RG)


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