We use a billboard – the symbol of the modern age consumption – and change it into an object of consideration, reflection and a deep insight into ourselves and the surrounding reality.


This year the artists have concentrated on the beauty, reminding us that in the hectic rush of our everyday life it is worth stopping for a while, opening up to the surrounding world, looking carefully, and letting oneself being charmed – noticing the beauty of the surrounding area! The inhabitants of Włocławek, Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Chełmno, Grudziądz and Inowrocław were invited to co-create the mural „BEAUTY” (8.50 m wide and 2.10 m high). This mobile wall included the relaxing colouring picture, inspired by flowers, and large letters making up the word BEAUTY. In each of the cities one letter was painted and filled. The participants shared their answers to the question „What does beauty mean to me?” with others. It turned out that the participants were able to notice the beauty anywhere. As a result, heart-warming answers appeared on the mural: helping others, a child’s smile, the sun, a family home, landscape, good people, spending time together, a meeting, the sum of details, dance, singing, and joy.

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